Event description

A group of recumbent trikes and two or more support buses leave from Nashville, Tennessee and ride to Natchez, Mississippi in 24 hours. Riders take equal turns riding, resting, eating, driving, and support along the way. All riders ride the last 6 miles into Natchez together.

Transport:  The RideSouth bus and trailer will depart from the RS shop in Jackson, Mississippi on Friday morning, November 2, 2018 at 8:00 AM. The bus and trailer will transport 12 people and 12 small wheeled recumbent trikes. Luggage space will be taken up with water, Powerade, food, spare tires, tubes and other support items. Carry-on items must be limited to a small lap bag. Passengers will take turns driving to familiarize themselves with the bus/trailer arrangement so please bring your driver’s license. It is a minimum 7 hour drive up the Trace, plus stops. We hope to arrive at Loveless Cafe by 4:00 PM to eat, gas up and prepare to launch at 6:00 PM. Hopefully, we can secure at least one other transport vehicle and trailer before the ride. If you have access, please let us know. Of course, if you have your own transport to Nashville and from Natchez, we will see you in Nashville.

Lodging:  No lodging is included. We will take a consensus to determine if the bus remains in Natchez for the night, or returns to the RS shop. We will check on local hotels and publish an agenda for Saturday night at a future date. In the case of inclement weather, the ride may be delayed 24 hours.

Gear:  We ask that your trike be a low, fast, non-folding trike with maximum rear wheel size of 20”. We suggest a tire pressure of 80 psi for the GS Scorcher tires, a little more for thinner tires. Other than a small multi-tool, you do not need repair kits on the bike. We will have spare Scorchers for 349 and 406 sizes, and tubes. If you have a flat, need rest, food, toilet or repair, the bus will collect you and your trike and transport ahead of the pack for regrouping. Riders not eating, sleeping, or repairing will drive and help to navigate the bus.

Lights:  We will provide every bike with charged Cygo Dash and Hot Shot front and rear lights. We will have chargers operating in the bus with spare lights. Every bike must have working lights to continue, even in the daytime. All bikes must have a mirror on the left side of the bike.

Clothing:  The weather may require layers, but the outer layer must be high-vis ANSI lime color (neon yellow-green). RideSouth will provide long sleeve jerseys printed with NOB Extreme graphics (TBA). We will collect your sizes with registration and present Jerseys at the last training ride. All riders must have helmets, preferably bright yellow in color for safety.

Training rides:  At least four training rides will be scheduled during the next 11 months. At least one of these rides will be at night. All riders are asked to participate in at least two of these rides. We will give plenty of notice to registrants and all of the rides will be on the Natchez Trace.

Cost: We will use your registration fee to provide transport, fuel, nourishment for the ride, communications equipment, jerseys and lights. If you need lodging in Nashville or Natchez, that is up to you. If you have a suitable bus, or flat bed trailer to offer, we will not charge the $100 fee. Also, if you want to contribute to the ride, we will not turn down any assistance. We do, however, ask that any personal support vehicles keep at least 3 miles away from dedicated ride support buses and not follow, or lead riders on the Trace for safety reasons. Also, since there are limited spaces for trailers at pull offs, we do not need other cars taking up the spaces.

Size of Group: We have not limited the group size at this point. We hope that trike riders from all over will come to participate in this first NOB Extreme! We will solicit other support vehicles as the group grows. We have another trailer that will carry 4 trikes well. It could be pulled behind a passenger car quite easily. Larger numbers make the ride easier for everyone. We could easily end up with 20 or more trikes!

Sponsorship: If anyone is interested in sharing the sponsorship with RideSouth, we welcome you aboard. We can print your logo on our shirts in exchange for financial assistance. Then maybe we could reduce the registration fee. Inquiries are welcomed!


Please send registration fee to: RideSouth Recumbents 105 Avalon Court Brandon, MS 39047 Indicate NOB Extreme Ride Fee