Years ago, we took some family members on a sailing trip in the Gulf of Mexico. As we were navigating up the channel to San Destin toward our destination, all seemed well, with the wind to our back, the sun shining, and the waves slapping against the bow of the trimaran. That is, until we spotted a buoy passing us on the starboard side! As the buoy continued to gain headway, we realized it was not moving . . . we were going backwards!

Now, it is a disturbing feeling when all of your senses tell your mind one thing, but the reality is something else! The reality was, that the falling tide coming out of the deep part of the channel was more powerful than our sail power, and we were being pushed backwards. The easy solution was to navigate closer to the shoreline where the current was manageable, which we did.

Today, it is easy to slip into the mainstream of life and follow the rising or falling tides. Good progress can be made, but the destination can be elusive and changing. It can be challenging to fight the strong currents of popular opinion and peer pressure, for sure. But we think it is far more important to navigate a safe way to reach your goals, regardless of the difficulty and popularity.

At RideSouth, we often take a different tack to help our customers reach their goals. Of course, slipping into the mainstream current can be tempting, and many new customers know nothing else. And that is OK. We can help there, too. However, we will stay the course and keep our destination within reach, regardless of the obstacles encountered along the way. And, most importantly, we will enjoy the ride!

RideSouth . . . The Way to Ride (and sail kayaks!)